Dog Daycare

Why leave your canine companion home alone when they can enjoy an exciting day at dog daycare instead?

Your Dog’s Premier Daytime Destination

Sending your dog to daycare isn’t just about keeping boredom at bay. Dog daycare encourages physical activity, provides mental stimulation, and helps your canine companion build confidence, all while making lots of new friends. At The Woof Room, we are thrilled to offer daycare for dogs in Roseville, Saint Paul, Minneapolis, and the surrounding areas, and we’d love to give your furry friend the best day ever.

We take the safety of the pets in our care very seriously, so each dog will be evaluated on their first day to ensure that they are a good fit for daycare.

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We closely monitor guests at all times to ensure everyone is staying safe and having a ball.

With spacious indoor and outdoor play areas, there is plenty of room for your dog to burn off energy while playing with their friends. For dogs who cannot go into the playrooms for medical or behavioral reasons, we offer one-on-one play. Our goal is to make sure every guest has a great time, and our staff does everything possible to make that happen!

As your ultimate pet sitter, we’ll provide your dog with plenty of love and attention while you are at work. We’ll also keep a close eye on them to ensure they are safe and having a great time. Whether they’re with us for just a couple of hours or the entire day, you can rest assured that your canine companion will be well taken care of and protected in your absence.

Daycare Pricing And Packages

Add-On Services

  • Spa Services
  • Individual Playtime
  • Brain Games
  • Treats
  • Cuddle and Storytime
  • Birthday and Gotcha Day Party
  • Puppy Postcard
  • Walks


We require reservations for daycare at The Woof Room. This is because we want to ensure all of our playgroups are adequately staffed, and that we have space in the correct playgroup based on their size. Another great option for those not needing a full or even half day of care, we also offer hourly daycare for either one or two hours! Please contact us to reserve your dog's spot in daycare!

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Medication Policy

  • All medications must be in the original container issued by a veterinarian or pharmacy.
    • The label must include client name & pet name, medication name, dosage amount, date issued & veterinarian's name.
  • All supplements or non-prescription medications must be in their original containers.
    • Including prescription bathing products.
  • Expired medications cannot be administered to pets under any circumstances and must be discarded.
  • The Woof Room may not administer tranquilizers, sedatives, pharmaceutical drug or non-pharmaceutical drug, or supplement designed to calm an animal unless we receive written direction from your pup's veterinarian in the form of a written prescription and written consent.
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Dog Daycare in Roseville

Why leave your four-legged best friend home alone all day when they could hang out with us instead? Contact us today to learn more about our dog daycare in Roseville or reserve your pup’s spot.

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